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    "In all of us there is an elusive melody, which when heard & followed leads us to the
    fulfillment of our fondest dreams and wishes ..."

    - Siegfried & Roy

    The College of Magic aims  to provide the youth of South Africa with the lifelong gift of self-esteem via the magic of the performing arts. To succeed, we need your support ! Your involvement will make a world of difference in the lives of children in the developing world.

    Here's how you can get involved:

    Sponsor a Student

    Sponsor a student with financial difficulty to continue their training at the College of Magic. This programme aims to make young dreams come true !


    Help us establish our educational magic resources in the developing world by donating magic equipment, books, videos or other training material. You could also make a monetary donation via credit card or wire transfer. Every donation helps ! You can select the program of your choice, or leave it up to us to use your donation as strategically as possible.

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    Do you have magical skills that you are
    able to share with our students ? A lecture, workshop or other presentation ? We have had visiting performers from across the globe - Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster,
    Tommy Wonder, Nick Einhorn, Michael Vincent, Pit Hartling, The Evasons, Joshua Jay, Marc Salem, David Berglas, Tom Ogden, Paul Daniels and many more !

    Visit the College of Magic

    We welcome visitors ...  a site visit is a
    great way to see our work first hand and gain additional insight into the
    life-changing opportunity these children
    are being given through magic.