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Primary School


Students aged 10 years and older commence with Course 1 … An exciting introductory tour of 15 lessons through the world of magic.

Once you’ve learnt the “Magicians Code” you will be onto your magic wand (where would a magician be without his wand!) Soon your wand waving will be causing items to levitate through the air, cards appear and vanish at will and all kinds of “Hocus Pocus” begins to happen.

You start to feel like a magician, but the expert instructors will give you lots of tips about how to look and sound like a real magician too! We can’t visit all the mysterious locations of the world, but with the help of magic technology, you will feel as if you’re there watching the great magicians of our time – David Blaine, Criss Angel, Dynamo and more…

Next enrollment July 2018 / Jan 2019

Class time Saturdays 9 am / 12 noon




College of Magic senior courses

High School


High school students commence with Course Magic & Showmanship … an intensive foundation course over 30 lessons designed for talented young people keen to progress quickly. You will learn to become both a competent close-up magician and a polished stage performer. What’s more, you’ll learn plenty of fascinating impromptu, mentalism, sleight of hand, street magic & stage effects. The planning and routining of your own magic ‘act’ incorporating appearance, presentation, patter, effective speech and movement, is given much attention.

Additional highlights of the course include a mini stagecraft module with the creative planning and building of your very own illusion being a further focus. Whether it is street magic you are after or the grand magic of the stage – you’ll be learning some of magic’s most closely guarded secrets.

Magic and Showmanship students with good attendance and a qualifying five minute close-up act and a five minute stage act will be eligible to receive their Junior Magician’s Diploma at the Annual Graduation. Successful students are selected to join the College of Magic’s senior courses.

Next enrollment Sat 3 Feb 2018

Choice of classes – Saturdays 9 am or 11 am

8 Star QualitiesSo much more than magic…

On one level, the College of Magic can be described simply as a place where magic theatrical performing arts are taught as an extracurricular activity. But at another level, the College of Magic is so much more than this. It is a place where young people are:
· Nurtured by staff members in a positive, uplifting, caring environment
· Educated not only in the magic theatrical performing arts, but also in social and life skills.
· Mentored as individuals by kind, caring, committed teachers.
· Inspired by amazing magicians, performers and other students.
· Empowered to use their unique set of skills to open new horizons.

Our ‘8 Star Qualities’ – honesty, respect, responsibility, initiative, excellence, empathy, humility and wonder – are at the core of our training, encouraging our students to become independent, self-confident and well-rounded individuals.



In addition to magic – students are welcome to join our other “allied arts” courses at no extra charge, when they arrive.


The popular art of puppetry introduces students to a wide range of skills from ventriloquism – the art of ‘throwing’ your voice – to glove puppets, marionettes and more. These classes are excellent for improving articulation and voice projection, nurturing creativity in dialogue development and provides a fun space for students to be spontaneous.

Mime, Clowning & Drama

The classes in mime, clowning and drama give students an opportunity to express themselves and experiment in a safe, nurturing environment. These courses teach and inspire many students to perform the art of mime and/or clowning professionally and the techniques learned are found to be invaluable in all performance. Students are surprised at the innate ability they have in this genre.


Learn to juggle balls, rings, fire and clubs, spin plates and manipulate diabolos or even ride a unicycle! Juggling has been found to be beneficial for students in so many ways from improved concentration, advanced eye-hand coordination to teamwork and tenacity.

Theatre Production

The Theatre Production course is open to senior students of the College of Magic. Go behind the scenes for all things technical … lessons include video basics and filming – from the functionality of video and stills cameras all the way to setting up shots and different aspects of photography; sound and lighting – fundamental understanding of what stage sound and lighting is, and the advanced technology that goes with using it; and the backstage management of show production.



The College of Magic training curriculum provides a broad range of activities including formal training sessions, individual tutorials, rehearsal and research facilites, specialist equipment, visiting guest experts, outings and performance opportunities, to make the learning experience challenging and fun.

Lessons have a duration of 1 hour and take place at the College of Magic Centre at 215 Lansdowne Road in Claremont, during the school term.

Course 1 ( primary school students – 15 lessons )
Registration fee: R250
Tuition fee: R520 x 5 months

Course Magic & Showmanship ( high school students – 30 lessons )
Registration fee: R250
Tuition fee: R580 x 9 months

This fee is all inclusive of tuition, handouts, general purpose and all
magic equipment and specialist props needed for the Course.

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Our class numbers are very limited due to the nature of the training and many of our courses operate on a wait-list basis due to high demand. To join the College of Magic, please email info@collegeofmagic.com to request an enrollment form.

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