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  Magical Arts Centre
    South Africa's Home for Magic

    The College of Magic is situated in a vibrant double-story Victorian era house in Cape Town, South Africa. Officially opened by the Department of Arts, Culture, Science & Technology, the Magical Arts Centre is a home to our more than 150 part-time junior students, headquarters for the Distance Learning Unit, a meeting place for various cultural groups, residence to Southern Africa's only Magic Shop, a destination for school tours as well as one of the few Magic Information & Research Centres in the world.

    Robert Harbin Theatre

    The Robert Harbin Theatre is the largest room at the Magical Arts Centre capable of seating approx. 90 people. The Theatre is currently being renovated with the introduction of full stage lighting, sound and video projection equipment. While large enough for most student acts, the Theatre is a wonderfully intimate venue and is where most of our rehearsals, internal contests and family shows take place.

    Houdini's Chamber

    Houdini's Chamber, situated on the upper level overlooking the balcony, is the residence of our close-up wizards. With raked seating and excellent sight lines, Houdini's Chamber has been transformed into the ideal environment for close-up magic and all things micro ...


    The College Library is home to the Magic Information & Research Centre - a vast collection of books, videos, DVDs and other magical memorabilia.Saturday mornings see the Library come alive as students take time out between classes to show each other their latest creations !

    Video Room

    Thanks to the magic of modern technology, our students are able to take front row seats and watch some of magic's greatest performers. Video also allows us our students the opportunity of improving their own acts by watching their performances on tape, noting audience reaction, timing & overall presentation.

    SARMOTI Room

    Named after famed illusionists, Siegfried & Roy, the SARMOTI Room is home to The Magic Classroom's interactive displays and hands-on workstations.