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  The Magic Classroom
    Discovering Science through Magic !

    The College of Magic's latest initiative sees school pupils from across Cape Town visit the College of Magic for a 2 hour interactive experience which takes the curriculum subjects of light, optics and colour to create a truly magical, one of a kind science lesson. Whoever said learning isn't fun, hasn't experienced The Magic Classroom !

    But don't take our word on it. Hear what the learners say:

    "It was one of the best outings ever…"
    - Caitlyn, Grade 5

    "It would be great if we could go there every week for our science lesson" - Sally, Grade 5

    Teachers have been impressed with the way the programme is run, the friendliness of staff and the unique manner and environment in which the message is communicated. The hands-on approach even holds the attention of learners with attention difficulties. They have observed how the young learners respond to this style of learning and how memorable the lesson is. They have expressed their enthusiasm to develop their own science lessons and 'make them more fun'.

    Project head, Professor Bayla, is delighted with the wonderful response. "Word of mouth has been the most effective way of spreading the news about this new project" says Prof Bayla, "I would like to say a special thank you to the students of the College of Magic who brought their school classes to visit the Magic Classroom. They are true ambassadors!"

    There are limited places remaining for the remainder of the year - and bookings are quickly filling up ... Contact Professor Bayla on 021 683 5480 for further information or email

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