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  On Campus Courses
    Learn the Art of Magic !

    The Magical Arts are good for you - as doctors, psychologists, teachers and education departments are discovering. They build self confidence, improve co-ordination and develop personality.

    The College of Magic engenders self-esteem, that positive force for achieving - so vital for success in today's fast-paced world, while the relaxed atmosphere of the College is ideal for developing essential communication skills.

    This is brought about through the individual and expert tuition of a dedicated staff of qualified teachers and experienced show-people.

    Primary school students aged 10 or older commence their training with Course One, while High School students commence their training with Course Magic & Showmanship. Specific Adult Courses are also available on demand.

    These introductory courses allows both students and parents the opportunity to assess the valuable education that the College offers.

    Due to the nature of our training, our student intake is particularly limited and early registration is well advised !

    Course One

    This is it ! An exciting introductory tour of 15 lessons through the world of magic. Once you've learnt of the "Magicians Code," you'll be onto your magic wand ( where would a magician be without his wand ! ) Soon your wand waving will be causing matches to float through the air, ropes to become mysteriously knotted, items to appear and vanish at will and all kinds of "Hocus Pocus" begins to happen

    You start to feel like a magician, but the expert instructors will give you lots of tips about how to look and sound like a real magician too !

    We can't visit all the mysterious locations of the world, but with the help of magic technology, you will feel as if you are there watching the great magicians of our time - Siegfried & Roy, David Copperfield, David Blaine

    So you know what it is all about - Come and join us ! Students who successfully complete Course One will be invited to continue their training with Course Two.

    Requirements: Students must be 10 years of age or older
    Duration: Two school terms ( 15 weeks )
    Class Times: Saturdays 9am or 12 noon
    Venue: The College of Magic in Claremont, Cape Town
    Next Enrollment: Feb 2014 / July 2014

    Email for further details

    Course Magic & Showmanship

    The Magic & Showmanship Course is designed for talented young people, keen to progress quickly. This foundation Course for High School students will give you the opportunity to become both a competent close-up magician and a polished stage performer. What's more, you'll learn plenty of fascinating impromptu, mental & stage effects.

    The planning and routining of good stage acts incorporating appearance, presentation, patter, effective speech and movement, is given much attention. Highlights of the course include a mini stagecraft module with the creative planning, invention & marketing of magic being a further focus.

    Studying the history of magic, the student progresses through the marvels of magic from ancient times until the era of modern technological illusion.

    Successful Magic & Showmanship students will receive their Junior Magicians Diploma at the Annual Graduation, which allows for selection into the Senior section of the College and Courses Four, Five and Six.

    Requirements: Students must be in High School
    Duration: Four  school terms ( 30 weeks )
    Class Times: Saturdays 12 noon
    Venue: The College of Magic in Claremont, Cape Town
    Next enrollment: Feb 2014

    Adult Courses

    The College of Magic runs a full programme of Adult Courses throughout the year. These classes are held weekday evenings and a cover a range of subjects - mentalism, close-up magic, sleight of hand, childrens magic etc. Contact us - - for more details.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some of the more frequently asked questions with regards to our On-Campus Courses.

    Should you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to contact us ...

    How old must I be to join the College ?

    It's never too soon (or too late) to start training as a magician. To ensure our students make the most of their magic, we accept students into Course One aged 10 years or older.

    For those students in High School wanting to join the College, we have a specialised "Magic & Showmanship" Course

    How do I go about registering ?

    Please contact us on (021) 683 5480 or email to obtain the relevant Registration Form.

    Please be advised that due to small class sizes, our intake is limited - so we do recommend that you register as early as possible

    Where is the College of Magic situated ?

    We are located at 215 Lansdowne Road ( on the corner of Belvedere & Lansdowne ) in Claremont, Cape Town South Africa.

    When are classes held ?

    Classes commence in February each year and follow the school term calendar. Sixty minute lessons are held on Saturday mornings between 9 am and 1 pm, with a select classes being held during weekday afternoons.

    How must I dress ?

    New students will notice that College students dress in black & white. Owing to the high costs of clothing, new students are not expected to purchase the required dress immediately. During the first six months, students are encouraged to acquire the clothes they do not already have.

    Boys: Black trousers, white shirt & bow tie
    Girls: Black skirt, dress or slacks & white blouse

    Do students receive all equipment they need ?

    You'll be pleased to learn that our tuition fees cover all equipment necessary for the Course.